Ludwig Merwart was born on September 1, 1913 in Vienna. In his youth he lived on Semmering mountain and in Graz and worked in his parents' restaurant. Because his hardworking parents didn't want him to waste his time with painting, he was denied the opportunity to pursue his passion in his younger years.

Finally, after the end of World War II, Merwart attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna together with Theo Braun and received a diploma after studying under Prof. Christian Ludwig Martin and Prof. Dr. Robert Eigenberger.

A deep friendship and working relationship with Theo Braun evolved that was to last to the end of his life. The two painters set up a rooftop studio at the Vienna University of Technology, where Braun taught creative art. They debated about art and the problems their work presented. The close creative collaboration between Merwart and Braun lasted more than 20 years, a phenomenon in the art world.

In 1958, after careful consideration, Merwart decided to bring his works to the public. The response was a tremendous success. His paintings were exhibited in the French Hall of the Vienna Künstlerhaus. Numerous solo and group shows in Austria and abroad followed (see exhibitions).

Ludwig Merwart voluntarily ended his life on July 13, 1979 in Elisabeth Hospital in Vienna. His grave is in the city's Central Cemetery. He designed his own gravestone.